Myths about Waterbeds

There are many myths about waterbeds more than any other type of bed, these include:

My waterbed will sag?
This is untrue, Waterbeds never sag. This means you will never need to turn the mattress or end up putting a board underneath it. Many years later, it will still be the same, as the first night you lay on it.

My waterbed will burst?
This is false. Developments in vinyl production and their supporting frames means that waterbeds today are free from internal pressure, meaning they cannot burst.

I will suffer from seasickness with a waterbed?
No, this is untrue. You won’t suffer any seasickness using a waterbed. Unless you move, a waterbed will not move. When you stop moving, so will the waterbed.

My Waterbed will leak?
False again, a waterbed system properly installed will not leak unless the mattress is deliberately punctured and even then, any leaks will be contained in the safety liner.